All wizard operations require either admin rights or the firstRun flag to be true.

Retrieve additional data about registered wizards

GET /setup/wizard

Retrieves additional data about the registered wizards.

Returns a 200 OK with an object mapping wizard identifiers to wizard data entries.

Finish wizards

POST /setup/wizard

Inform wizards that the wizard dialog has been finished.

Expects a JSON request body containing a property handled which holds a list of wizard identifiers which were handled (not skipped) in the wizard dialog.

Will call octoprint.plugin.WizardPlugin.on_wizard_finish() for all registered wizard plugins, supplying the information whether the wizard plugin’s identifier was within the list of handled wizards or not.

JSON Parameters:
  • handled – A list of handled wizards

Data model

Wizard data entry

Name Multiplicity Type Description
required 1 bool Whether the wizard needs to be run (true) or not (false)
details 1 object Details for the wizard’s UI provided by the wizard plugin
version 1 int or null Version of the wizard
ignored 1 bool Whether the wizard has already been seen/is ignored (true) or not (false)