Printer Safety Check

The Printer Safety Check plugin comes bundled with OctoPrint starting with version 1.3.7.

It tries to identify printers or rather printer firmwares with known safety issues, such as disabled thermal runaway protection, and displays a warning box to logged in users on such identification.

Printer Safety Check warning example

Fig. 20 An example of a warning generated by the Printer Safety Check

Please refer to the entry on the “unsafe firmware” warning in OctoPrint’s FAQ for a list of currently identified printers.

If you know of further printers/printer firmwares that need to be added here, please get in touch on the forum and provide their response to an M115.


Feel free to disable the plugin in OctoPrint’s Plugin Manager if you feel like it is unnecessary. Be advised though that even if your printer might be running totally fine with a known unsafe configuration, that might change unexpectedly and with catastrophic results.



A printer safety warning was triggered.


  • check_type: type of check that was triggered (e.g. m115, received or cap)
  • check_name: name of check that was triggered (e.g. aneta8)
  • warning_type: type of warning that was triggered (e.g. firmware-unsafe)

Source Code

The source of the Printer Safety Check plugin is bundled with OctoPrint and can be found in its source repository under src/octoprint/plugins/printer_safety_check.