Announcement Plugin

New in version 1.2.11.

The OctoPrint Announcement Plugin comes bundled with OctoPrint.

It displays announcements fetched from OctoPrint’s websites, such as important updates, release announcements, new plugins and similar. Through some manual configuration via config.yaml it also allows adding additional channels via RSS or Atom feed URLs.

Example notification

Fig. 8 An example notification from the Announcement Plugin.

Announcement reader

Fig. 9 The Announcement Plugin’s reader dialog.

Announcement settings

Fig. 10 The Announcement Plugin’s settings dialog.

Configuring the plugin

The plugin allows enabling and disabling the preconfigured announcement channels via its settings dialog.

On top of that it’s possible to add additional announcement channels (as RSS or Atom feed URLs) or change the configuration of the existing channels through config.yaml.

The available configuration keys are:

  • channels: Configured announcement channels. A mapping from a unique identifier to a configuration structure that follows this format:

    • name: Name of the channel, used e.g. in the title of the displayed notifications.

    • description: Description of the channel.

    • priority: 1 for high priority announcements (red notification), 2 for regular ones (yellow notification).

    • type: Currently unused.

    • url: URL for the feed acting as notification source, must be RSS or Atom format.

  • enabled_channels: List of identifiers of enabled channels.

  • forced_channels: List of identifiers of channels that cannot be disabled (currently only _important which is used sparingly).

  • channel_order: List of channel identifiers in the order they should appear in the UI.

  • ttl: Time to live of the channel cache in minutes (default: 6 hours).

  • display_limit: Limit of items to display per channel (default: 3).

  • summary_limit: Limit of characters to display from each channel entry (default: 300).

Source code

The source of the Announcement plugin is bundled with OctoPrint and can be found in its source repository under src/octoprint/plugins/announcements.